Keeping the Planning Momentum

We have been busy over the past month rescheduling and canceling weddings and social events. It is truly a challenging time. I have noticed however, in meetings (virtual) with my couples, many are feeling unsure about how to continue planning their wedding. Especially the fall weddings, many questions still remain unanswered. "Are we going to have to reschedule?", "Will the venues be open?, other businesses?" or "Will we be limited by our guest count?"

I really do not have the answers to any of these questions. No one does....unfortunately. But I would like to encourage couples to keep planning in anticipation.

One of my current couples actually expressed to me that they had a hard time keeping the planning momentum (wedding in October). I really tried to encourage them to ensure we at least locked down their vendors and we would get any new vendors to add a COVID-19 clause to the contract so we could feel confident with our plans moving forward. help encourage my couple I scheduled a virtual meeting with our potential cake vendor. I picked up the cake samples and a special cake request from HoneyBee Pasteries. Jenya was kind enough to put them in the back of my SUV (no-contact delivery). I drove to a mutual parking lot location to meet my couple, where once again, a "no contact delivery". We then followed up with a Zoom consultation.

We also continued our meeting after the Zoom vendor meeting, with me in my car and them in their car, keeping within the social distancing guidelines.

As you can see in the photo, they enjoyed the cake from their car. And needless to see, we are back in the groove of planning their wedding.